We have talked recently on our calls and at meetings about the concept of setting goals and the process of how we go about reaching those goals.

You can be one of two types of Synergy team member, one who knows where they are going or one who doesn’t. There will be passionate team members who love the exceptional products and compensation plan we have…but do not know where they are heading with their business.

The former knows exactly where he or she is going. They have their goals written down. If you have goals for where you want to go with your business have you written them down? Those who dream about their goals but never write them down will not realise them … guaranteed! This is because they have not fully committed to them and they don’t truly believe that they can achieve them!

During our fantastic Global Summit in Korea, we discussed accepting that there are many things that happen around you that you cannot control, and will never be able to. However you can control how you react to those things. You can change stumbling blocks into learning curves...there is always something positive to take away from anything you experience in your business. Even if you experience temporary failure, you can get back up and try again; you can learn from the failures.

It is to do with making a specific recorded promise to yourself. If you do not make a record of your goals, they are much more likely to end up only as dreams, which are easily forgotten over time. We are so blessed to have products and a business opportunity that provide a real way for anyone to achieve their goals of a better life. Anyone! Synergy puts success within the grasp of anyone who wants it.

If it has been some time since you sat down and wrote out what is important for you to accomplish in life, I would encourage you to go through that process today … before you do anything else!

One goal you must set TODAY, if you haven’t already, is the rank at which you will cross that stage at our European Summit in Barcelona next September. You should not have the goal of attending, that should be a non-negotiable in your mind. Hopefully you will already be looking to book your flights and hotel room this month. But in 12 months time what rank will you be recognised at? Will you still be a Star or Bronze or will you be a new Team Leader, Team Manager or beyond?

This is a goal you have to visualise and commit to … and … write down! It is going to be an amazing experience in Barcelona as we join together as a pan-European team. But, it will be so much more rewarding for you to be there, knowing that you significantly grew your business over those 12 months with an increased, monthly residual income that came as a result.

The Spanish have a saying, “El que algo quiere algo le cuesta.“ It translates to, “He that would have the fruit must climb the tree.” Team Leader, Team Manager and beyond may seem like a long way into the future for some but as you set goals and engage in the right activities in your business, consistently each month, you can and will achieve great things!

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