Final Korea Cash earnings are posted

Our Korea Summit Promotion and 2x2 Team Builder Bonus Extension have officially ended. 

We are happy to report that more than 1,000 Team Members in Synergy’s European markets earned cash toward Global Summit 2013 in Seoul Korea!

On behalf of all Synergy WorldWide we would especially like to commend our Team Members who maxed out this promotion, earning €3,000 toward this year’s Summit. Since the Korea Cash promotion started in March, these individuals have blown us away with their accomplishments.

Congratulations to

Ana Vajda-Friess (Austria)
Conny Vahlin (Sweden)
Roman Tanzler (Austria)
Arja Tolvanen (Finland)

Whether you earned €50 through this promotion, or the maximum €3,000, we applaud you for your efforts and hope you have the opportunity to use your hard-earned cash to experience our memorable event in Seoul. You will be among Synergy’s finest leaders and have the opportunity to feel of Synergy’s international energy.

We hope to see many of you in Seoul September 26-28! Congratulations, again, on your impressive earnings through Korea Cash.



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