Get Ready for New Product Packaging

The next time you go to open your monthly V3 System package, you may not recognize what you’re holding.

As part of Synergy WorldWide’s progressive branding initiative, V3 System packaging now has a fresh design with customizable inserts. The box’s striking blue color and sharp logo give the overall package a sleek look. Our new packaging is a reflection of the high-quality products contained inside.

When you open the new packaging box you will find removable inserts that are shaped to hold the products you ordered, whether you order one of each product or three of the same product. These form-fitting inserts will keep your products from becoming damaged during the shipping process. Rest assured that your products no longer arrive with dents or cracks. 

This revamped presentation of the V3 System now mirrors the pure formulas found in every package! Product shipments will be sent in the new packaging beginning August 9, 2013.



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