GM Message: June 2013

Rob Lord, Western Europe GM
Wow, where have the last six weeks gone since I joined this fantastic company? 

Time is going so quickly and it is not lost on me that the reason for this is because I am enjoying every single minute of it! I have spent most of the last six weeks travelling throughout the UK and Ireland meeting all of our Synergy “pioneers”; and pioneer is no overstatement. They have built a really solid foundation for future Team Members, with limited support and resources and this is a testament to their diligence and integrity. Make no mistake, we may have been in the UK, Ireland, Spain, and The Netherlands, for a number of years now, but we have barely scratched the surface of what we will achieve in Western Europe.

I have witnessed and learnt from some amazing training events these past couple of months with Founder and CEO Dan Higginson providing exceptional personal development training in April, followed by the recent visit of Dianne and Lorin Leavitt. What inspirational people we have in this business with leaders like Dan and Dianne; what excites me more is that we have great local leadership in the UK, Ireland, and Spain! Team Members who are passionate about our products and our compensation plan but, more importantly, are passionate about enhancing the lives of those they serve in their teams.

It has been so rewarding for me to meet and talk with so many of you and hear of your commitment and desire to “leave a legacy.” It was a particular pleasure to spend time with Jeremy Townsend, Stella O’Shea, and Mariano and Maria Del Castillo from Spain, at our recent Team Manager Academy in Austria. What great leaders they are and what an experience we shared as we learnt more about this business with leaders from throughout Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Poland, and beyond. Next year we are committed to going back to Team Manager Academy with many, many more leaders from Western Europe!

This is what excited me the most about working with Synergy Worldwide – we already have quality leadership in our markets that provides the platform to kick on from here as you accelerate down the road to financial freedom. And that started in May with a 5% increase in orders together with a significant 32% increase in sponsorships compared with the previous 3-month average. We are already on course to surpass this in June!

I had the pleasure of spending some time with the president of the company, Dan Norman, in Austria and he talked about the future of Synergy. He spoke passionately, saying that together with countries like Korea, Europe would be the driving force of Synergy’s international growth and that the company’s greatest “asset” was its distributors. We will never lose sight of that and I want to thank you for deciding to partner with us on this incredible journey.

You are in the right place, at the right time. This is just the beginning my friends, and what a ride we are going to have together!

See you soon,




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