2013 Europe Kickoff Recap

We’ve just completed an incredible Synergy Kickoff tour throughout Europe. In less than 40 days, we visited 8 countries and met with over 2000 Team Members and guests to strategize and plan for what will be the greatest year in Synergy Europe’s history. Here’s a quick look at where we toured:

  • January 5 – Trondheim, Norway
  • January 19 – Bad Walterdorf, Austria
  • January 26 – Offenbach, Germany
  • January 31 – Alicante, Spain
  • February 2 – Warsaw, Poland
  • February 7 – Dublin, Ireland
  • February 9 – Helsinki, Finland
  • February 10 – London, UK

Each meeting was filled with incredible energy as Synergy executives and distributor leaders teamed up to deliver messages that trained, motivated, inspired, and prepared each attendee for success.

“2012 was a phenomenal year for Synergy WorldWide and we have many reasons to celebrate,” says Dan Norman, President of Synergy WorldWide. “From rank advancements to the amount of lives changed, last year was truly a record breaking year. As great as 2012 was, I sincerely believe that 2013 will be even better. This year we will introduce new products, promotions, and incentives to continue our momentum and increase our growth,” he continues.

Synergy continues to experience tremendous growth throughout Europe and it is because of the hard work and dedication of Synergy Team Members and Managers who continue to make Europe’s success possible. Thank you for your enthusiasm and genuine optimism!



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