Pearl Executive, Heidi Byrkjeland

Congratulations to Heidi Byrkjeland for becoming Pearl Executive!

Heidi’s career with Synergy WorldWide began in the fall of 2007 when her good friend, Mads Østvang, introduced her to the company. Mads was planning a trip to Utah with his brother, Martin, and invited Heidi to go with them. “Mads invited me to come along because he said that I am always the skeptical one who needs to check everything out before considering an opportunity,” Heidi explains. While in Utah, Heidi learned more about Synergy and all that the company had to offer.

Realizing the phenomenal opportunity, Heidi signed up and became Mads’ first sponsored Team Member. From the beginning, Heidi has been dedicated to her Synergy business and committed to building her Swedish team. Once Sweden officially opened as a Synergy market, she and her team had to overcome numerous challenges as they worked towards sharing the product and business opportunity with others. These challenges helped build a strong foundation of determination and optimism within her organization.

At first, Heidi’s main focus was making money, but when she noticed improvements to her health and her family’s health, her focus shifted from money to the products. “Money is great, but my true passion lies in the products,” says Heidi. “Building a business is the easy part; it’s more difficult to maintain a business at a certain level. Having great products certainly makes this task easier.”

Heidi encourages all Team Members to, “Stay focused on your goals and never give up. No matter what you may encounter in life, there’s always a solution to every problem.” One common concern that Heidi often hears is when Team Members in her downline say that they don’t have the time to grow their Synergy business. As a mother of 8 children, all of who are involved in extracurricular activities, Heidi is very busy, but that doesn’t stop her from focusing on her Synergy business. She works hard and is always available for her team.

Heidi’s devotion continues to inspire her downline and Team Members alike. She is a great leader, always willing to help others succeed. We congratulate Heidi for this significant achievement and look forward to the many more to come!



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