Mariano Del Castillo - First Team Leader in Spain!

Congratulations to Mariano Del Castillo for becoming Synergy’s first Team Leader in Spain!

Passionate about sports, Mariano began playing football at the age of 12. By 17, he was playing professional football, which continued until his retirement at age 35. Determined to carry forward with his passion, Mariano now coaches a football team for 10 year old kids. He also works as a motivational coach for clients and businesses throughout Spain.

Mariano was first introduced to Synergy after he received a call from his doctor who told him about a new business opportunity. Upon learning about the products and business plan, he arranged a meeting with German Team Members who taught him more about the business and soon discovered that the company was opening in Spain. Realizing the possibilities, Mariano wasted no time signing up.

Mariano dreams of traveling the world and enjoying life’s benefits without the worry of financial stress. In 1 year he wants to be Pearl, in 2 years, Emerald, and in 3 years Presidential Executive. As was the case with his sports career, he won’t stop there. Mariano has a true desire to serve and will continue to work tirelessly helping others reach their goals with Synergy WorldWide.

Together for 25 years, Mariano resides in Spain with his partner Maria Dolores and their two children, Fernando and Daniel.



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