Synergy Summit 2012 - Early Bird Registration!

In a little over six months, Synergy WorldWide will embark upon Copenhagen, Denmark for Europe’s culminating event of 2012! Join us September 6-8 as we reflect upon Europe’s unprecedented growth and celebrate the stories of how our lives have been impacted through Synergy WorldWide.

Copenhagen's1000-year history is beautifully reflected throughout its cobble-stoned streets, dazzling mix of old architectural treasures, and cutting-edge modern design. This is definitely a place worth visiting!

By participating in the 2012 Summit, you will hear from top leaders, doctors, researchers, health experts, and Synergy's corporate team as you learn about the importance of heart health and see how Synergy WorldWide plans to remain at the forefront of this industry.

In addition, the event will be filled with giveaways, entertainment, and first-class recognition! Be recognized for your tremendous efforts, gain sound business training from Synergy's most successful leaders, and prepare to visualize your future with Synergy WorldWide!

Special pricing is available for anyone who registers February 15 – March 31. Be among the first 200 to register for the Synergy Summit 2012 and receive this Synergy branded messenger bag!

Space is limited. Early bird registration ends Saturday, March 31. Save and register today!

Early Bird Registration: February 15 – March 31 € 159

Cost is per person and includes all events at the Summit (transportation is not included). Refunds are subject to a €15 cancellation fee. Cancellations after August 6, 2012 are NON-REFUNDABLE.



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