Accelerator Challenge Webinar!

Join Stewart Rutter, Vice President; Bengt Emanuelsson, Europe General Manager; and Stacey Ryan, UK/Ireland Sales Manager, for an exciting webinar this Monday, October 24 as they detail the new Accelerator Challenge for all of Europe!

Accelerator Challenge Webinar
Date: Monday, October 24, 2011

Finland: 21.00 - Finnish
Sweden/Norway/Denmark: 21.00 - Swedish
Germany/Austria: 21.30 - German
Netherlands/Denmark/Czech Republic: 22.00 - English
UK/Ireland: 9:00 pm - English

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Moderators: Stewart Rutter, Bengt Emanuelsson, and Stacey Ryan.

The Accelerator Challenge is designed to reward those new Synergy Team Members for starting their Synergy business strong!

New Team Members earn EXTRA CASH

During this promotion, new Team Members who enroll will have the remainder of the commission month in which they enroll plus the following full commission month to be rewarded as they earn new pin title ranks. They earn a cumulative Accelerator bonus for each pin title they achieve, either during their enrollment month, or the following commission month.

Sponsors earn Accelerator MATCH

Sponsoring Team Members will be rewarded for helping the new Team Members they sponsor to quickly succeed during this promotion period. Help support your new team members to advance and grow their Synergy business from the start!

Click here for complete details and don't forget to join us on Monday, October 24 for the Accelerator Challenge webinar.



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